Shower tent: Best privacy saviors in 2023

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Best shower tent

green elephant pop-up shower tent

best shower tent

An all-in-one pop-up shower tent for any weather.

Best runner-up

wolfwise 6.6ft pop-up shower tent

best runner-up

A quality shower tent designed to serve for years.

Best 2-room option

ozark trail instant 2-room shower tent

best 2-room

A large shower tent packed with all essentials you need.

Let’s say you’ve decided you want to keep fresh and clean on your next camping trip without having to jump into the river or lake nearby every time. You’ve got a nice camping shower (if not yet, head into our blog post and find your best pick first) and are ready to take advantage of a homelike shower experience. 

But that doesn’t mean you’re all set. Of course, showering in the open air might not be a problem for some, and vice versa – an even more enjoyable, wilder encounter, especially in dispersed camping where nobody is around (except your companions). 

Yet others value privacy, and a closed spot to take care of their hygiene is a must. And we got you covered! Or, to be precise – an outdoor shower tent will get you covered once you buy it. Don’t get confused, a shower tent isn’t a common type of tent, as it’s not designed for sleeping. But you’ll get the whole idea in a second.

We’ve handpicked the best options on the market that’ll come to the shower privacy rescue. 

Best shower tents you should get

After carefully analyzing dozens of camping shower tents on the market, we’ve selected three best picks that cut through the competition in aspects like quality, sheerness, ease of use, and sheerness. 

Now, let’s give the spotlight to the winners:

1. Best camping shower tent overall: Green Elephant Pop-Up Shower Tent

best shower tent
Best shower tent overall


  • Size: 83 x 47 x 47 inches
  • Packed size: 24 x 2 inches
  • Built-in floor: No
  • Floor area: 15.3 square feet
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Material: Polyester-coated PU, steel frame


  • Works well in windy, rainy conditions
  • Easy to set and fold
  • Includes paper holder 
  • Tall 
  • Quality materials 
  • Sturdy mosquito netting
  • Roomy
  • Strong zippers 
  • Towel hanger included
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Good ventilation


  • Staking needed as it catches wind easily
  • The shower nozzle hole might let bugs in
  • A clip would be helpful when packing
  • Might need bigger stakes

The Green Elephant Shower Tent is an all-in-one privacy tent that takes seconds to assemble. With no extra effort, it jumps into shape (taller than average, though!) as soon as you get it out of the carrying bag. 

This camp shower tent is sturdier than it might look at first sight and is a go-to choice for windy and rainy weather. With one condition, though. Its pop-up design makes the Green Elephant so light and compact that you’ll want to put some stakes in it so it does not catch the wind. 

Like most pop-up tents, folding might take some time for the first time, but once you nail it, you’ll love how compact and flat this tent packs down for storage. 

The Green Elephant’s features include interior traits like a towel hanger, multiple hooks, mesh pockets, and a toilet paper holder. Plus, it comes with sturdy bug netting, durable zippers, and different setup methods thanks to the rain fly, sandbags, and guylines inside the package. 

This camping tent doesn’t have the floor, so for showers, you’d need to get a tarp or pad separately so as not to stand on wet ground. Moreover, it might have some issues holding a regular 5-gallon solar shower, so it’d be wise to use a nearby tree so it does not collapse.

Overall, it’s a minimalist-style pop-up shower tent that’ll fit your vehicle’s trunk perfectly. The Green Elephant is a well-constructed, quality choice worth every penny.

best runner-up
Best runner-up shower tent


  • Size: 47.24 x 47.24 x 78.74 inches
  • Packed size: 23.6 x 23.6 inches
  • Built-in floor: Yes (not removable)
  • Floor area: 15.5 square feet
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds
  • Material: Waterproof taffeta 190T nylon polyester and flexible steel


  • Includes shoe side pocket
  • Very roomy 
  • Sturdy when tied down
  • Impossible to see-through
  • Very durable
  • Easy to set up and take down 
  • High-quality materials
  • Good ventilation
  • Packs up small
  • Decent floor design for showers


  • The zipper is tight on top
  • Can blow over if you don’t secure it 
  • Flimsy bag
  • Need to get a rainfly separately

If you’re looking for something built to serve for years, resist the UV rays, and be impossible to see-through, stop here for a minute as you might’ve just found your winner – the WolfWise 6.6FT Portable Tent. 

It’s yet another pop-up tent that you’ll need to stake down to be sure it doesn’t fly away in the winds, but once you do it, you’ll get a super roomy and sturdy shelter built from thick, quality materials. The WolfWise is taller and has more floor area than many other pop-ups so you won’t feel too tight inside. 

What’s crucial, this shower tent is well-ventilated thanks to its large zippered top roof windows that give extra airflow, plus the space to hang to your solar shower. The WolfWise comes with a built-in floor that works well for showers.

This privacy tent is easy to set up and take down with just a wrist twist. It’s simple to store as it takes very little room when folded. The only slight con in terms of storage is quite a flimsy carry bag. 

While the WolfWise is built from waterproof fabrics, the rainfly doesn’t come in the package, so you might want to get one separately. One reason to do this is that roof zippers can keep the bugs out but still leak in the rain. All in all, this tent is worth your attention despite these slight adjustments you might need.

3. Best 2-room shower tent: Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower Tent

best 2-room
Best 2-room shower tent


  • Size: 84 x 42 x 84 inches
  • Packed size: 8 x 8 x 43 inches
  • Built-in floor: Yes
  • Floor area: 24.5 square feet
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Material: Polyester, steel


  • Includes 5-gallon solar-heated shower – and holds it perfectly 
  • Sturdy
  • Simple to set up and take down 
  • Great quality 
  • The material isn’t hefty  – lighter than a standard tent fabric 
  • Sturdy pole construction
  • Plenty of compartments
  • Very spacious
  • Drainable shower floor 
  • Includes overhead towel pocket


  • Might get hot inside on sunny days 
  • The included shower isn’t of the best quality
  • Zippers could be more durable 
  • Floor durability concerns
  • The flooring might get too slick when wet

One-room shower tents are compact and nice, but what if you want a whole private bathroom when off camping? 

Well, then get the Ozark Trail 2-Room Instant Shower and enjoy a spacious interior for multiple purposes at once – change clothes, store camping gear, put on a camp toilet, and take a shower. Without compromising one for another. 

The shower room is stuffed with all the shower essentials you need – a hanging towel rack, a charming mesh floor for drainage, and a top hook for hanging the included 5-gallon solar shower bag (yes, you get it together with the tent!) or any other camping shower you prefer. 

Another room takes care of the tent ventilation with its two zippable mesh windows. It has plenty of hooks and compartments to put your supplies in. 

And the best part is that you can unzip the center divider and have ample space for yourself if necessary. As versatile as it gets. 

Keep in mind that, unlike the first two options, the Ozark Trail 2-Room comes with sturdy pre-attached poles for a so-called “instant” setup. While that might not be a two seconds-job, you should still love it for how easy it is to set up and take down. 

There are some minor things we’d like to improve that are manageable but still worth noting. The tent floor is relatively thin, so durability comes into question. It might be too slick when wet, so we recommend getting a rubber mat. Also, the zippers could be more durable.

Overall, the Ozark Trail is well-designed and has all the features you might expect from a shower tent. Most importantly, it delivers reliability by being a durable and quality option.


If you feel like looking into more options to decide what’s best, we have you covered. Here are some other noteworthy shower tents with interesting features that’ll catch your eye. 

Decent quality for the price


  • Size: 83 x 48 x 48 inches
  • Packed size: 25.5 x 25.2 x 0.98 inches
  • Built-in floor: Yes
  • Floor area: 16 square feet
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Material: Steel, plastic, polyester


  • Useful storage pocket
  • Easy to assemble
  • Spacious
  • Proper headroom for tall people
  • Great value for money 
  • Impossible to see through 
  • Sturdy


  • Weak zippers
  • Weak hook 
  • Folding takes a bit of practice

The Ropoda Porta-Potty Tent is certainly an excellent value for money. For around $50, you get plenty of headroom right for tall people, a completely opaque design, and a simple setup taking only a few seconds of your precious time.

It’s a well-constructed single-room shower tent that’s relatively lightweight (weighs 5 pounds) and stable at the same time. The Ropoda takes privacy very seriously – it’s impossible to see through, and even if you have a light inside, the exterior still remains dark, without any silhouettes visible. 

Some drawbacks this tent brings are quite weak zippers and hooks, so you should be cautious not to tear them with sharp moves and heavy weights. Also, like with any pop-tent, you’ll never fail if you stake it for extra stability.

2-room shower tent alternative


  • Size: 82.6 x 41.7 x 83.8 inches
  • Packed size: 22.8 x 7.8 x 7.8 inches
  • Built-in floor: Yes
  • Floor area: 24 square feet
  • Weight: 16.9 pounds
  • Material: Durable PVC, non-toxic


  • 1500mm PU silver coating
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Decent ventilation
  • Durable
  • Stable and roomy
  • Multiple hooks
  • Drain-off feature
  • Impossible to see through


  • Impossible to unzip windows fully
  • Not fade-resistant
  • Zippers could be stronger
  • Stakes are easy to bend
  • Bottom mesh durability concerns

The KingCamp Oversize is an alternative 2-room shower tent with plenty of space to build your homelike bathroom in the woods. And when we say homelike, we mean it – this tent has a drain-off feature, thanks to which water runs off on all four sides. 

It’s a waterproof, stable privacy tent with a reliable shower hook that can easily hold a 5-gallon water tank. On top, KingCamp comes with plenty of other comfort features like inside and outside pockets, a clothesline for hanging clothes or drying towels, and mesh floor and windows for decent ventilation. 

Some downsides include weak zippers and a flimsy bottom floor. You might also want to get different stakes, as the ones included in the package are pretty easy to bend, especially if you’re camping in harsher weather conditions.

Well-built shower tent with some premium features


  • Size: 47.2 x 47.2 x 86.6 inches
  • Packed size: 25.2 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Built-in floor: Yes
  • Floor area: 15.3 square feet
  • Weight: 10.5 pounds
  • Material: 210T waterproof & anti-light special silver coating


  • Mesh skylight
  • Removable floor
  • Impossible to see through
  • Sturdy 
  • Packs up well 
  • Good ventilation


  • Setup is similar to a regular tent’s – easier for two persons, not that easy as pop-up
  • Thin material
  • Weak top hook
  • Flimsy zippers 
  • On the heavy side

The G4Free Camping Shower Tent is a compact tent that packs up well and meets all the basic camping shower needs. It’s decently built, with a detachable floor, mesh skylight, and opaque walls that prevent see-through silhouettes. 

This camping tent has some premium features, like a removable velcro floor, a velcro-sealed exterior port for the external water tank system, and an adjustable velcro showerhead attachment for hands-free showering. It has proper ventilation thanks to the fully unzippable windows. 

The critical tradeoff you’ll get with a G4free is fragile, not UV-resistant materials, which you should take extra care of not to abuse, although it’s a heavier option. Also, the top hook is quite weak and might not support a 5-gallon water bag.

Good for occasional use in calm weather


  • Size: 48 x 48 x 78 inches
  • Packed size: 24 x 24 x 1.5 inches
  • Built-in floor: No
  • Floor area: 16 square feet
  • Weight: 5.9 pounds
  • Material: Fabric, steel frame


  • Good value for money
  • Easy to use, pack, and store
  • Good ventilation
  • Spacious
  • Zippers on both sides
  • Lots of hooks and straps inside
  • Decent storage pockets


  • Folding requires a bit of thought
  • Silhouettes visible
  • Hooks or loops aren’t very solid
  • Included stakes bend easily
  • No bug netting on the top

The Leader Accessories Camping Shower Tent has ample space for storing your essentials. It’s packed with hooks and straps, and the sewn-in mesh pocket is large and robust. Thanks to the top opening, the airflow works well and doesn’t get too hot inside. 

It sets up in seconds cause you just need to take it out of the bag, let it pop, and lay flat. Packing and storing don’t cause any struggle, either.

While the screens let in plenty of light, it comes at the expense of opacity. Depending on the angle, your silhouette can be seen perfectly in bright light. The same goes for a night light. If you use a bright light inside, your moves will be visible. 

Overall, there are better options to take to harsher weather conditions than this camp tent. But if you’re not an often-time camper that heads out to the wild in sunny, calm weather – this tent might be a noteworthy addition to your camping gear.

Budget option for occasional camping trips


  • Size: 47 x 47 x 75 inches
  • Packed size: 23 x 23 x 2 inches
  • Built-in floor: No
  • Floor area: 15.3 square feet 
  • Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Material: Polyester


  • Relatively lightweight
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Easy to set up
  • OK size
  • Can’t see through at all
  • Folds fairly small and easy to stow away
  • Good airflow


  • A bit of struggle for taller people
  • Folding needs practice 
  • Poorly-designed zippers
  • Not very durable
  • Quite flimsy

The Abco Tech Pop-Up Tent is a lightweight option that gives everything you need at a budget price (around $45). It’s an average-sized option that’s easy to set up and packs up small for stowing away when you don’t need it. It features opaque walls,and the airflow is OK, as you can open the top for better ventilation.

Though the light weight somewhat comes at the expense of sturdiness and durability. The material is quite cheaply-made, making the shower tent pretty flimsy. For showers, you’ll most likely want to find a tree to hang your water tank and hold all the weight. Plus, we’d like bigger straps or bags at the bottom to attach more weight. 

All in all, this camp shower tent might satisfy you just fine if you’re looking for something for occasional, basic use at a budget-friendly price.

Buyer’s guide: Things to look for in a camp shower tent

Wherever you go, your private spot travels with you, and that’s the main charm of a camping shower tent. Like most camping gear, a shower tent is a multipurpose tool that can act like a changing room, portable toilet place, or even a camping rain shelter – it all comes down to your preferences and imagination.

We all want to spend our pennies on quality, durable products that’ll serve us as long as it gets (unless you need a tent for one-time use, then any basic budget option can do). But what else should you pay attention to when choosing a shower tent? Here are some factors you can’t miss:


Ventilation is crucial for whatever purpose you use your privacy tent. It’s nothing else than unpleasant to jump into a hot box without any airflow on an already sunny day and start sweating at the very first second. Not to mention all the odors that are left cramped inside the tent. 

And if you’re going to utilize your shower tent to actually shower – reasons to choose a tent with mesh ceilings, floors, and windows just count upwards. 

One of them is running water. Without proper ventilation, it’ll quickly catch those charming bathroom smells and get at risk of moldiness. Also, you won’t want to build a pool on the floor each time you shower – that’s why floor ventilation shouldn’t be underrated. 

Most tents we review have sewn-in mesh in their detachable floor; some come without any base at all. We’d say mesh floor panels are the go-to choice for extra bug protection and drainage, but each option has its pros and cons.


Shower tents are interchangeably called privacy tents for a good reason. We get naked there; thus, we don’t want anyone to see us while we do our business there. Nor our silhouettes. So, it’s important to choose a tent that’s impossible to see through for maximum privacy. 

What if you want to combine it with the lake view, too? Here the windows come again. It’s best to get a shower tent with an unzippable window to control your privacy level based on your surroundings and needs. 

Ease of setup

There’s already a lot on your plate when you arrive at the camping spot, so you don’t wish to add any exhausting tasks to the list. 

Like regular camp tents, shower tents come in various setups, each with its ups and downs. The most straightforward privacy tent setup is the instant pop-up – you take it out of the carry bag and unfold it, deal done.

Bonus tip

Easy folding is just as crucial as setting the tent up. We’ve found that most pop-up tents can cause hassle while taking them down and plunging back to the carry bag. 

To dodge the struggle, watch a YouTube tutorial to see how your tent folds up before taking it outdoors. Practice makes it easy!

While it’s the most hassle-free method, pop-up tents might not be the winners in stability and sturdiness. Sure, proper staking will do the job in standing, but supporting a 5-gallon shower tank is questionable (though possible). 

Other designs include pole-and-hub or instant-cabin frames that most often do not have any issues supporting larger water tanks and windy conditions, in general. 


Always look into the dimensions of your potential tent. In particular, peak height, floor area, and overall interior size. You don’t want to feel cramped inside and stuck in a single position, let’s say bent (especially if you’re taller). 

You should also consider the peak height in mind with portable showers you plan to use. For a solar shower bag, you’ll want to be able to hang it without a ladder, within arm’s reach. If it’s a hands-free design, you’ll want to have some space between your head and the bag. 

Of course, the size also comes down to how much space you have in your trunk (or even backpack, though it should be massive), so consider your type of camping. If you don’t have to worry about every inch of your car – choose a larger tent for maximum convenience.

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