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What is Campwagen?

Campwagen is the ultimate practical guide & know-how sharing hub for everyone into dispersed camping. From a first-timer to an experienced camping lover.

We’re on a mission to gather all written and yet unwritten practices to unlock the best of outdoors for everyone.

But we can’t imagine doing it alone. That’s why we hope to build a community for limitless knowledge-sharing. In a simple yet creative way – on the things that actually matter:

How to prepare

Detailed checklists to get ready for successful trips

Which gear to pack

Up-to-date camping gear reviews and recommendations

What to do

Handy tips and tricks, with best (and worst) experiences

Join us on the adventure

We’re open to feedback, ideas, questions, networking opportunities, suggestions, partnerships – anything! Visit the contact page, drop us a line, and we’ll get in touch. 

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