Wolf and Grizzly: The ultimate Campfire Trio review

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Imagine arriving at your campsite, ready to settle in and enjoy the great outdoors. You’re excited to cook a tasty meal over the campfire, but when you look around for a spot to start the fire, you find everything is wet and soggy. 

The frustration slowly (or super fast, if your stomach is singing already!) kicks in as you’re left with a smoke-filled mess and a cold, filthy meal.

Wolf and Grizzly’s Campfire Trio and Wilderness Gloves are here to save these days. 

This compact and portable adventure grill is designed to withstand any conditions, so you can cook up a storm no matter where your adventures take you. Over open flames, without sacrificing fire to a gas-powered stove.

In this review, we’ll dive into the details of the Campfire Trio and Wilderness Gloves to see if they fit your next outdoor excursion.

What’s Wolf and Grizzly?

Let’s take a trip back in time to learn a little more about the origins of Wolf and Grizzly

The company was founded in 2016 by outdoor enthusiasts tired of using flimsy, low-quality gear on their adventures. They wanted something durable and sustainable but still beautiful in design. 

That laid the base for the three design principles they’re building their gear on until today. They’re hassle-free assembly, longevity, and premium-quality materials that withstand rough camping usage.

The Campfire Trio, a bundle of three unique fire products, isn’t an exception, and it really shows.

Factors to keep in mind before buying Wolf and Grizzly

Before you take the leap and invest in Wolf and Grizzly’s Campfire Trio and Wilderness Gloves, consider a few things.

Are you an adventure lover?

First, think about your appetite for adventure. Are you always ready to explore the great outdoors and try new things? If so, the Campfire Trio’s portability and adjustable design make it the perfect companion for all your campfire cooking needs. 

It’s a brilliantly designed and compact fire pit, so you’ll be able to extend its use far behind your car camping trips. Aha, it won’t take too much precious space in your pack to carry to the middle of the woods. On foot. 

Do you like experimenting with open flames?

Then, ask yourself what’s your most beloved cooking style. With this fire pit, you can cook over an open flame anywhere you go without sacrificing the quality of your meals.

If, on the other hand, you’re more of a stickler for consistency and ease in your cooking, the Campfire Trio might not be the best fit. 

Cooking over coals can require more experimentation and attention to detail, but the end result is well worth it. Plus, it’s a great way to up your cooking game and impress fellow adventurers.

Are you seeking quality gear that’ll last?

It’s also important to keep in mind that the Campfire Trio is an investment. While it might be pricier than your average camp stove, the portability, convenience, and high-quality materials make it worth every penny. 

Plus, the added benefit of sustainability means you can feel good about using it on all your outdoor adventures.

So before you decide, consider your cooking style, love of adventure, and desire for quality gear that will last. With the Campfire Trio and Wilderness Gloves, Wolf and Grizzly has created a product perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who want to cook and explore in style.

Before we continue: OK, but why gloves?

The Campfire Trio is an ultimate set for fire, that’s for sure. But why did we add Wolf and Grizzly Wilderness Gloves into this puzzle?

The answer is simple: the Campfire Trio is built from stainless steel that gets freaking hot while over the flames. So, you must protect your hands when using and moving this fire set, and Wolf and Grizzly’s gloves are perfect for the job. 

Quick overview of Campfire Trio

wolf and grizzly campfire trio

Tech specifications

  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Materials: ‎Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Cast Iron

Key benefits

  • Everything is made from high-quality materials 
  • The Grill comes with three height settings for plenty of cooking possibilities
  • The Campfire Trio is impressively compact and packable 
  • The Grill has a huge cooking area to feed the group, plus it’s tough enough to hold cast iron cookware
  • Assembly is a breeze


  • Comparably higher price tag

What about the warranty?

Wolf and Grizzly replace any part not functioning correctly within the first year of use. 

Campfire Trio packaging

campfire trio packaging

When you order your Campfire Trio, you’ll receive two small boxes to fit easily in your car or backpack. One box is for the Fire Safe, and the other box contains the Fire Set, Grill, and stand.

But the packaging isn’t just practical. It’s also a statement about the brand. Wolf and Grizzly’s packaging is clean and refined, which echoes their commitment to adventure products that balance form and function.

With the elegant packaging and the high-quality components inside, the Campfire Trio makes for a great gift for the camping enthusiast in your life. 

Or even better – keep it for yourself and be the envy of all your friends at the next campout.

Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe review

wolf and grizzly fire safe

Tech specifications

  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Packed size: 11.4 x 0.9 x 4.1 inches
  • Unpacked size: 11.4 x 10.9 x 4.1 inches
  • Burn area: 11.4 x 11 inches
  • Materials: 304 Stainless Steel

What’s included:

  • Foldable Fire Safe frame
  • Foldable Fire Safe insert
  • Premium carrying case

When building a campfire, there’s one thing that many people get wrong time and time again: airflow. That’s where Wolf and Grizzly’s Fire Safe is a champ. This innovative product facilitates airflow above and below your fire, making building and maintaining a roaring blaze easier.

The Fire Safe consists of two pieces: the frame and the floor. The frame acts as a windscreen and container for your fire, while the base has an accordion structure that helps to provide the necessary airflow. 

The frame unfolds from a 2D rectangle to a 3D square, making it easy to set up, and the floor slots into grooves in the frame to hold it in place.

Both pieces of the Fire Safe are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which can withstand intense heat and develop a beautiful (depending on your approach) patina over time. 

And at only two pounds, this kit is lightweight and portable, making it an excellent option for backpackers who want to keep their total weight to a minimum. Plus, it has a premium carrying case to keep everything packed up tightly.

fire safe folded

How to use Fire Safe?

Once you’ve set up the Fire Safe, it’s time to start your fire. The accordion ridges of the floor help prop up pieces of wood and provide a pocket where you can quickly stuff fire starter and kindling to light the larger pieces of wood. 

Thanks to the Fire Safe’s design, there’s little to no chance of embers and coals escaping out the bottom and igniting anything below. Still, choose your terrain carefully and avoid heat-sensitive grounds. Camping safety should always go first.

With the Fire Safe, you can build a safe, contained fire that provides the necessary airflow for a roaring blaze. So whether you’re cooking a delicious meal or just enjoying the warmth of the flames, Wolf and Grizzly’s Fire Safe is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.

fire safe in use

How to take down and clean the Fire Safe?

Before handling the Fire Safe, ensure the fire is completely extinguished and all pieces cool. Avoid using water to extinguish the fire, as it can cause distortion. Instead, allow the fire to die down naturally.

When you’re ready to clean the Fire Safe, use the handles to lift the insert out of the frame. Discard the waste into a safe container. Use a nylon scrubber or a soft scrub or sponge to rub away any ash or residue from your fire. Be sure to avoid using water at this point.

After cleaning the Fire Safe, fold the insert and frame and slide them into the carrying case. 

Once you’re back home, be careful not to use excessive water when cleaning your Fire Safe. Although it’s made of 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to rust, it’s not entirely rust-proof. 

Water can get inside the hinges and cause them to stick or rust. If your Fire Safe is exposed to water, dry it immediately and leave it in a well-ventilated environment.

To clean your Fire Safe at home, use a clean, dry cloth to brush off all residue. If there’s caked-on food or grease, lay a hot damp cloth over the stain and let it sit. Once the stain has softened, scrape it off with a nylon scrubber or cloth.

Wolf and Grizzly Fire Set

wolf and grizzly fire set

Tech specifications

  • Weight: 2.23 ounces
  • Packed size: 0.5 x 0.4 x 3.9 inches
  • Materials: Ferrocerium Rod, Knife Steel, Nylon, Jute


  • Knife steel striker
  • Ferrocerium rod
  • Custom paracord with emergency jute tinder inside

The Wolf and Grizzly Fire Set is a reliable and sustainable way to start your fire. This powerful tool features a ferro rod made of 100% ferrocerium and a striker made with genuine knife steel, designed to work at any altitude and in any conditions.

With the Fire Set, you’ll never have to worry about running out of matches or lighter fluid again. The ferro rod has a large surface area, making it easy to get consistent sparks with every strike, measured at a scorching 5400 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it can last up to 20,000 strikes.

fire set in use

But the Fire Set isn’t just about starting fires. The cord that ties the striker and ferro rod together houses a jute core that can be cut, removed, and used as a tinder in an emergency. 

And the compact size of the Fire Set means it fits easily into your backpack or camping kit.

Once you’ve got your fire going, the Fire Set fits neatly into an internal pocket of the Grill’s premium carrying case, so you don’t have to worry about losing it. 

Overall, the Wolf and Grizzly Fire Set is a must-have tool for any outdoor adventurer looking to start a fire in any condition. It’s reliable, sustainable, and easy to use, making it the perfect addition to your camping or backpacking kit.

Wolf and Grizzly Grill Kit

wolf and grizzly grill kit

Tech specifications

  • Weight: 2.75 pounds
  • Packed size: 15.75 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Unpackaged size: 13.2 x 13.2 x 8 inches
  • Materials: 304 Stainless Steel

What’s included:

  • Rollable Grill surface
  • Foldable Grill frame
  • Premium carrying case
  • Custom cleaning tool
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Compact Allen key

The Wolf and Grizzly’s Grill Kit is made up of two main parts: a collapsible grill frame and a rollable grill surface. Both are constructed with 304 stainless steel, ensuring they can withstand regular use’s heat and wear and tear.

The grill surface features metal toggles at each corner that snap into the grill frame, creating tension that holds the surface flat and taut. With three different height settings, you can easily adjust the Grill to get the perfect cooking distance from your fire.

The Grill Kit is sturdy enough to support up to 30 pounds, making it perfect for your favorite cast iron pan or other heavy camping cookware. And when it comes time to clean up, the Grill Kit’s scraper tool and microfiber cloth make it a breeze.

cooking on grill

Despite its solid construction, the Grill Kit is surprisingly lightweight at just 2.2 pounds and rolls up for easy portability. When you combine it with the Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe and Fire Set, you have everything you need to start a campfire and cook a delicious meal outdoors.

So if you’re an adventurous foodie looking for a reliable and portable way to cook up a storm on your next camping or backpacking trip, look no further than the Wolf and Grizzly Grill Kit.

grill kit packed

Looking for ideas for your next campfire meal? We’ve got a bunch of them:

What about taking the Grill down and cleaning?

At the campsite, start by using the groove on the cleaning tool to remove any residue from the grill rods. Then, wipe down the frame and wires with a soft cloth. Unlatch the Grill surface and unhook the brace. Fold the frame until it’s fully collapsed, then roll the Grill surface around the frame and pack it into the carrying case. Voila! 

When back at home, soak your Grill surface in hot water and gently clean the rods with steel wool. The surface of your Grill can also be placed in the top rack of your dishwasher for an even easier cleaning process.

Use a sponge with soap and hot water to clean the frame. Regular tightening of the bolts on your Grill using the Allen key provided will ensure they never fall out accidentally or get lost mid-trip.

Wolf and Grizzly Wilderness Gloves

wolf and grizzly wilderness gloves

The Wilderness Gloves by Wolf and Grizzly are the ultimate outdoor companion to protect your hands from hazards. Whether you’re gathering wood for the campfire or cutting rope, these gloves will take the beating for your hands and keep them safe from cuts, blisters, scratches, and rope burns.

Made from Grade C North American Steer leather, these gloves offer a perfect balance of dexterity and grip in all weather conditions. The double-stitching and reinforced palms and fingers help protect the areas with the most wear and tear without making the gloves too rigid.

One of the most significant features of the Wilderness Gloves is their ability to maintain dexterity even after prolonged use. They don’t make your hands feel like clumsy elephants trying to type on a keyboard, which is often the case with most work gloves.

wilderness gloves in use

The gloves perform exceptionally well in wet conditions. Although not completely waterproof, they’re treated with an odorless fish oil that provides a water-resistant finish, keeping your hands dry and comfortable.

Wolf and Grizzly also include a 38mm aluminum carabiner that conveniently loops through a D-ring on the gloves, allowing you to clip the gloves to your belt loop or tent.

carabiner on wilderness gloves

One thing that might be concerning is the gloves’ price point, which may seem high to some. At $70, they’re pricier than your average leather work gloves, which typically range from $40 to $50.

Overall, the Wilderness Gloves by Wolf and Grizzly is a perfect fit for outdoor enthusiasts who want to keep their hands safe and comfortable while exploring the wilderness.

So, is Wolf and Grizzly worth investing?

And there you have it – Wolf and Grizzly’s Campfire Trio (Fire Safe, Fire Set, Grill Kit) and Wilderness Gloves. With these well-crafted and durable products, you can enjoy delicious meals and cozy fires anywhere your adventures take you without sacrificing convenience or sustainability.

We’ve seen that the Campfire Trio is perfect for those who love to cook over open flames, while the Fire Safe and Grill Kit provide a complete camp cooking setup. And if you need to start a nice warm fire, the Fire Set will help you do it with ease and style. Finally, don’t forget to protect your hands with sturdy and stylish Wilderness Gloves.

All in all, Wolf and Grizzly have thought of everything you need to make your outdoor experience a memorable one, so the verdict is: absolutely go for it. 

Wolf and Grizzly FAQ

Do Wolf and Grizzly products have a warranty?

Yes! Wolf and Grizzly offer a limited one-year warranty and post-fire guarantee for their products. They can replace any product that doesn’t properly function even after being used over a fire.

Can Wolf and Grizzly Campfire Trio be used on grass?

Using Campfire Trio on grass or any other similar, heat-sensitive terrain is not recommended.

Where to buy Wolf and Grizzly products?

You can buy Wolf and Grizzly products directly on their website or Amazon. You can either get them as a combo like Campfire Trio for a complete campfire cooking experience or purchase them individually.

Is Wolf and Grizzly Campfire Trio suitable for backpacking?

While it might be too bulky to carry for a long time on your shoulders, the Campfire Trio is a go-to choice for shorter backpacking missions. It’s compact and packable to save your backpack space.

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