Lodge Cook It All review: Is it really an all-in-one solution?

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When it comes to outdoor cooking, you need cookware that can handle anything and everything. Wild conditions are rough, so being able to withstand them with grace is what we’re always looking for in campfire cooking equipment

And when it comes to quality cookware, one brand that has been setting the bar for over a century is Lodge. For over 120 years, Lodge has been a trusted name in the cookware industry, known for producing high-quality cast iron skillets, Dutch ovens, and other tools that stand the test of time. Both indoors and outdoors.

The Lodge Cook It All is one of their brilliant cooksets that was quick to become camping chefs’ best friend everyone in the outdoor industry is talking about.

But what’s so special behind this cookware, and can it really cook it all? We’re just about to find out. In this article, we’ll explore all the ins and outs of the Cook It All: features, benefits, drawbacks, and important considerations.

What is the Lodge Cook It All?

lodge cook it all

It’s a 5-piece set that includes different cast iron cookware:

  • 14-inch grill griddle
  • A 6.8-quart skillet
  • Two heavy-duty handles for maneuverability and heat safety
  • A 33-page tips & tricks booklet 

Only two pieces of cast iron give five possible configurations for all things outdoor cooking. Literally, there’s nothing you couldn’t cook with this gadget: a campfire pizza, stew, paella, you name it.

Plus, it comes with a little recipe book to get you inspired. 

Lodge is a USA-based, family-owned brand known for its cast iron cookware since 1896. For over 120 years, Lodge has been known for its high-quality design, lifetime durability, and cooking versatility.

Tech specifications

  • Product dimensions: 5.1 x 16.9 x 13.9 inches 
  • Weight: 30.9 pounds 
  • Main body material: Cast iron
  • Seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil
  • Includes a reversible grill/griddle, a wok/lid, two stay-cool stainless handles, and a guidebook with tips, tricks, and recipes

What we like about the Lodge Cook It All

Now, let’s get into the specifics and the key benefits of this impressive cookware.

Endless possibilities for cooking

The Lodge Cook It All is the Swiss Army knife of outdoor cooking. It’s perfect for your campfire cuisine, whether camping, tailgating, or just cooking in your backyard. It can be used as a griddle, skillet, Dutch oven, grill pan, pizza oven, you name it.

But it’s also an excellent option for indoor cooking. In fact, many people find that it replaces most of the other pots and pans in their kitchen. So whether you’re cooking over a campfire or on your stovetop, the Cook It All has got you covered.

lodge cook it all in use

It comes in a perfect size

The versatility of this cookware suggests that the size is super versatile, too. It provides plenty of room to cook, so you can make anything from breakfast to dinner to dessert. It’s 14 inches wide and enough to feed a group of camping companions. 

But don’t get confused here if you’re actually looking for something to cook with for a couple or a smaller family. It’s not too big; it only gives you sufficient space to cook delicious breakfast or lunch for you and your loved ones. 

Of course, in terms of weight, cast iron isn’t something you’d like to take on your shoulders and head on a backpacking trip, and this gear isn’t an exception – it weighs 30.9 pounds. 

But we couldn’t find a single reason why you should avoid this cast iron Cook It All on a car camping trip. It works for any meal and has two integrated handles and loops on the pans for convenient moving around. 

Durable cast iron construction

The Cook It All is made from tough-as-nails cast iron, which means it can handle anything you throw its way. And as long as you take care of it, it won’t rust or damage.

It’s easy to clean and store, so you can get it ready for your next outdoor cooking adventure in no time. Cast iron is highly durable and long-lasting, so you can count on the Lodge Cook It All to be your outdoor cooking partner for years to come.

versatility of lodge cook it all

Impressive heat retention

One thing that makes the Lodge Cook It All stand out is its impressive heat retention. Once it gets hot, it holds heat like crazy, so you can cook your meals evenly and perfectly. 

With its multiple legs, you can raise the unit off the ground and not worry about it getting damaged, uneven cooking, or hot spots. But it’s not just the heat retention that’s impressive – the cookware is also designed to distribute heat evenly, so there’s little to no chance of undercooked or burnt dishes.

It’s easy to move around

The Cook It All’s integrated handles make it easy to transport from your kitchen to the great outdoors. And because they’re integrated into the cookware, you don’t have to worry about them getting loose or falling off. 

The handles provide a secure grip when cooking, so you can focus on making delicious meals for your friends and family. The Lodge Cook It All is easy to clean and store when packing up and heading home.

Bonus tip

We’ve found that it’s even more convenient to add a couple of cheap silicone skillet handles to the mix. These handles fit perfectly over the cast iron handles for both pieces, and they’re easy to slip on and off, making it easy to maneuver the cookware. Plus, they provide an extra layer of protection against the heat.

How to set the Lodge Cook It All up

As we said, it comes in two cast iron pieces. The flat piece has two sides, one of which is a grill plate that’ll do wonders for some juicy steaks. When you flip it over, you have a griddle, a champion for pancakes and eggs. 

Then the second piece is a 3-inch deep, 6.8-quart skillet with a slight curve on the edges. Its base has built-in legs to elevate it from the coals if they’re too hot. 

Now, you can get a decent Dutch oven if you place the griddle on top of the skillet. When you turn it over, you get a traditional-style, homelike oven for pizzas and cookies.

using cook it all as a pizza oven

Cooking with the Lodge Cook It All

Using the Lodge Cook It All is super easy. The main task is to build a campfire suitable for the process. 

Place the Cook It All over the campfire. It’s best to find a sweet spot – not directly over the hot coals, but a bit on the side, so it doesn’t heat too fast and burn your food. Our blog post on campfire temperatures is the place to find the ins and outs of positioning your cookware. 

If you want to elevate the equipment above the coals, Lodge Fire & Cook Stand will get you covered.

Overall, cast iron is a no-brainer when cooking over open flames, as it does miracles in heat distribution and retention. 

grilling steaks on cook it all

How to clean and maintain the Lodge Cook It All

What we love so much about this equipment is that it doesn’t give us a headache while trying to clean it up! It’s enough to wash it with some hot water (without any soap), dry it with paper or cloth towels, and while it’s warm – rub a very light layer of cooking oil or seasoning spray to prepare it for the next use.

If you repeat these steps between uses, Cook It All will promise to serve you for a lifetime, and that’s another thing that makes it a golden investment.

Some things to consider before getting Lodge Cook It All

The Lodge Cook It All is not the best option for a backpacking trip. Because it’s made of cast iron, it’s pretty heavy. However, that’s to be expected with cast iron cookware, and it’s simply not designed to be ultra-lightweight. 

But if you’re car camping or have a fixed campsite, the weight shouldn’t be a problem. So if you’re planning a backpacking trip, leave the Lodge Cook It All at home and opt for lighter cookware instead.

The Cook It All is a large piece of cookware that can be bulky and hard to maneuver. This is especially true when you’re cooking over an open fire. But with a bit of practice, it’s definitely doable. 

We recommend investing in good grill / heat-proof gloves that go halfway up your forearm. This will protect your hands and arms from the heat and make it easier to maneuver the cookware. And once you get the hang of it, you’ll be whipping up delicious meals in no time.

stew and steaks using cook it all

The verdict

We can confidently say that the Lodge Cook It All lives up to its name. It’s versatile, durable, and provides endless cooking possibilities. 

While it’s not an option for backpacking trips, the Cook It All is an all-in-one solution for car or RV campers. It’s no doubt a great investment that’ll last a lifetime.


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