Camping gifts: 50 ideas outdoorsy people will love in 2023

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One of the impressive things about camping gear is that it’s so versatile you’ll certainly find where and how to use it, even outside camping trips. Essentially, camping gear is all about being light, comfy, and as practical as it gets. Naturally, the best camping gifts for outdoor enthusiasts are ones that actually do their job. And do it right. 

If you’re gifting to an experienced camper, all the chances are the core items – like sleeping bags, a tent, or a tarp – are already among their gear. 

But there are never too many gadgets for real campers. And luckily, there’s never a year without outdoor manufacturers presenting some deal-breaking gear to solve any tiniest dilemma when you’re off to the wild. 2023 isn’t an exception.

We’ve handpicked a comprehensive list of unique camping gifts that’ll put a smile on an outdoorsy person’s face, multiple times. First when you give it, all the rest – while on a trail or campsite. 

There’s something for every camping type and skill level – from a newbie, occasional camper, or hiker to a real outdoor enthusiast. And that’s not it; you’ll find all the best gifts put into categories like clothing, kitchen, tools, etc.

So, whether it’s a holiday, a birthday, or you just want to surprise your friend without a special occasion, here are 50 camping gift ideas to make your search easier.

Table of contents

Camp kitchen supplies

Let’s start with some tested camping kitchen accessories that’ll make food prepping, cooking, and dining a funnier activity while off to great outdoors. 

1. Winterial Camping Cookware and Pot Set

winterial camping cooking set

This 10-piece aluminum-made Winterial camping cookware set is an extremely lightweight and portable kit that every camp kitchen enthusiast will love. All pieces are non-stick and packed together into a tiny carry bag to fit any backpack, making it an ideal cooking set for campers, hikers, and backpackers.

If you want to explore the world of camping cook kits in more detail, check our detailed reviews on the best picks:

2. CARPATHEN Campfire Sticks for Marshmallows

carpathen campfire sticks

Can we call an outdoor party a party if marshmallow roasting isn’t on the to-do list? Kids will have an absolute blast (parents most likely, too) with these extendable Carpathen sticks that’ll keep them at a safe distance from a fire pit and roast some mouth-watering marshmallows. And the best part after the roasting is done – these sticks are super easy to clean.

You can also find more unique, quality options on our detailed roasting sticks review.

3. Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven

lodge dutch oven

Lodge cast-iron dutch oven is simply unbeatable when we talk cast-iron dutch ovens. No wonder it has nearly 13K 5-star reviews on Amazon so far. It’s pre-seasoned, even-heating, and a versatile tool to sear, simmer, roast, fry, bake, you name it.

If you’re looking for more than a single dutch oven, check out this 5-piece Lodge cooking set that’ll equip your friend’s camp kitchen with all must-have items for years. 

4. LESES Portable Picnic Table

leses camping table

A camping table is one of those tools that might not seem necessary at first, but actually add ample comfort and save you from constant bending on a camping trip. LESES foldable camp table is light, impressively sturdy, and 100% waterproof. It comes with a comfy storage bag to hold stuff and four drink pockets. 

5. AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press

aeropress portable coffee press

It’s a tool every coffee lover will quickly fall in love with. AeroPress portable coffee maker brews tasty, gritless coffee in a minute wherever you go. This coffee press features a smart design with a convenient drinking mug. Leave instant coffee behind and enjoy home-like coffee breaks while off to the wild.

If you feel a coffee press can be your perfect gift, but aren’t sure if AeroPress is the one, check our thorough review of the best camping coffee makers. Trust us – it’ll definitely help you decide.

6. Royal Gourmet Portable Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

royal gourmet grill griddle combo

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for a real camp chef, the Royal Gourmet grill and griddle combo will make this person’s life much easier and waaay more enjoyable. It’s easy to move and clean, and has a HUGE cooking zone with four burners to nail that dinner. 

7. TOAKS Titanium 450ml Cup

toaks camping cup

We all have that one favorite cup at home. Well, let’s get one for an outdoor home – and TOAKS Titanium is easily that best-of-the-best. It’s huge enough to enjoy big hot coffees or teas, yet it’s literally the lightest cup you’ll ever find, weighing only 2.7 oz. 

If you like this idea but not sure if TOAKS is the best of the best – find more awesome camping mugs here.

8. Toas-Tite Sandwich Grill Pie Iron

toas-tite grill pie iron

For us, grilled sandwiches are a blessing. And nothing can beat the taste of the ones made with a pie iron.

This versatile hand-held Toas-Tite pie iron can be used on gas, electric, glass-top stoves, in the fireplace, fire pit, BBQ grill, and campfires. With just a flip of the wrist, it will cook mouthwatering sandwiches and camping desserts while on a camp. 

9. Arctic Zone Freeze Zipperless Cooler

arctic zone cooler

Massive plastic cooler boxes can be painful, especially a few hours into the trip when your food starts sinking in melting water. The Arctic Zone zipperless cooler is a completely different story. It’s smaller, lighter, keeps cold for a day straight, and is easy to clean and access. Nicely designed with outside pockets for phones and keys, this is a beloved cooler by more than 40K Amazon reviewers. 

Camp clothes

Up for some clothing to gift? Here are some universal ideas to not miss your shot.

10. Darn Tough Hike/Trek Merino Cushioned Socks

darn tough hiking socks

Socks are the absolute winner when it comes to practical gifts. So if you’re up to gifting some camping socks this year, Darn Tough hike/trek merino cushioned socks is something men are raving about. Soft, cozy, not too thick, and keeps feet dry and warm. Darn Tough offers lots of options for women, too. 

11. Etsfmoa Unisex Beanie With Headlamp

etsfmoa beanie

It’s an incredible combination of style, safety, and visibility to get things done on cold days. The Etsfmoa beanie is soft, warm, and stretches well to fit all heads; plus, you can choose from 20 different colors. The installed headlamp is bright and illuminates at three different levels.

12. Romantsii Women Double Fleece Zip Hoodie

romantsii fleece hoodie

Hoodies are parallel to maximum comfort and warmth. Naturally, they can make a perfect camping gift, especially if it’s a quality and stylish sweatshirt like Romantsii double fleece hoodie.

It comes in 20+ different color variations. It goes well with any outfit, from casual to classy, so with this versatility, any female will find where to wear it. Plus, it’s designed from surprisingly soft and fuzzy sherpa fleece. 

13. Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain Vest

columbia mountain vest

Hear us out – almost 15K Amazon reviewers love this mountain vest. It has all the good in terms of quality, fit, and comfort. Columbia mountain vest can work as a comfy extra layer of warmth in cold winters under a coat and leaves arms free for active use on warmer days. 

14. Obacle Unisex Headbands

These thin and light headbands that absorb well and dry quickly will take perfect care of hair flying all around. Obacle headbands feature unique designs that add extra style points to your outfit. Durable, breathable, and suitable for both men and women. 

Camp lighting

Here, we don’t talk basic headlamps or flashlights. We talk exciting camping lanterns that give light and a little bit more. Check them out! 

15. MPOWERD Luci String Lights

luci string lights

This one is a necessary add-on to create those festive vibes on a campsite. This is a solar and USB rechargeable lantern and string lights that can be spread around the camp, tent, or RV for 6-colored cozy illumination. And that’s not all – it serves as a mobile charger, too. 

16. LuminAID Titan 2-in-1 Camping Lantern

luminaid titan camping lantern

It’s an ultimate 2-in-1 camping lantern that’s already made its cut among campers and backpackers worldwide. This year, the camping community has been shouting about solar rechargeable LuminAID Titan’s amazing features like twist-to-inflate design and red light mode that pack into a small flat square for easy carrying around. 

17. ANERIMST Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

anerimst bluetooth speaker

It’s a lantern and a speaker in one that has fantastic sound quality and makes a great decorative piece with some cozy, ambient light options. It’s not too loud and built for outdoor relaxation that doesn’t interfere with real nature sounds. This wireless Bluetooth speaker certainly adds some romance to your surroundings.

For chill, rest & comfort

These camping gifts are real chill-makers. Let’s see what’s in there: 

18. Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock

wekapo air sofa hammock

This self-inflatable air sofa will maximize the chill level without stealing all the breath while setting it up. Whip it in the air, and you’re off to relax. This lazy lounge features comfy back support with a soft pillow-shaped headrest for a cloud-nine feeling. 

19. WiseOwl Outfitters Compressible Camping Pillow

wiseowl camping pillow

Super light and packable into a tiny stuff pouch, this compressible camping pillow will give your friend a superb night’s sleep in whatever outdoor shelter – a tent, hammock, RV, car, or a single sleeping pad. We heard some people saying it can beat a home pillow’s comfort! 

20. DOWN UNDER OUTDOORS Waterproof Blanket

down under outdoors blanket

It’s an ultra-warm, waterproof outdoor blanket that’ll wrap your friend in an extra cozy feel. It’s made from a double-layered coating to stop water from penetrating from the black side and packs small into a waterproof stuff sack. Use as a cover or spread on the ground, this blanket will be a comfortable add-on to any camping activity.

21. Cliq Camping Chair

cliq camping chair

Good news – your camper friend won’t ever have to trade between a backpack space and a comfortable chair when you give them a Cliq camping chair. Really, it’s a super versatile, sturdy, and durable camping chair that folds into a surprisingly light, tiny 3x3x13-inch pack. And despite that, it still holds up to 300 pounds gracefully. 

22. Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Self-Inflating Camping Mat

therm-a-rest self-inflating camping mat

If your camper friend is still stuck with those bulky standard inflatable mats, this ultralight self-inflating camping mat will be a real blessing. It’s suitable for a good night’s sleep in any season, thanks to its ThermaCapture technology that sustains heat. It inflates and deflates fast and packs into a 1-liter water bottle-sized stuff sack, so you can literally take it anywhere.

Bonus tip

If you’re on the hunt for a similar gift for a camping couple, a double cot can be your best bet.

23. Karecel Rechargeable USB Hand Warmer & Power Bank

karecel hand warmer

Help them get rid of that frozen-hands feeling with this 2-in-1 rechargeable hand warmer and power bank. It has three heating levels and reaches the desired temperature in seconds. It’s comfortable for the hand, reusable, and doubles as an emergency backup battery. 

24. Radiate Portable Campfire

radiate portable fire pit

Did you know you don’t actually need to build a campfire to enjoy a campfire? Yes, you read it right. This little soy wax and recycled paper briquettes portable fire pit comes with you wherever you want to have a hassle-free 3-hour burn time. Worry-free flames and minimized footprint – what can be better?

Has this portable fire pit caught your eye?

Then we something for you. Check our detailed reviews on these beloved portable fire pits:

25. MoMo Outdoors Lightweight Double Camping Hammock

momo outdoors double hammock

MoMo Outdoors camping hammock is an absolute no-brainer for those in love with hammock camping.

It’s either a king-size hammock for one or an awesome camping lounge for a couple (don’t worry, it’s made from the material used for parachutes, so it’ll hold strong). This camping hammock includes everything to set up in no more than 2 minutes. 

26. Thermacell E-Series Rechargeable Repeller

thermacell bug repeller

The bug-free trip is a good trip. Get rid of unpleasant flying annoyers with this rechargeable repeller that’ll create a magic 15-foot circle free of mosquitos, flies, and bugs – all without smoke, flames, or rough odors that standard sprayable repellents have. 

Bags & packs

Give your friend some nice and comfortable space to pack their stuff. 

27. RUPUMPACK Insulated Hydration Backpack

rupumpack hydration backpack

Keep your friend safe and hydrated with this super lightweight when unfilled, large-capacity hydration backpack. It will soon become a camper’s best friend for extended outdoor adventures as it’s built with practicality in mind. Rupumpack’s hydration insulation keeps drinks cool for up to 4 hours; plus, this backpack comes with extra pockets to store your stuff.

28. Earth Pak Zippered Dry Bag

earth pak dry bag

This heavy-duty all-weather dry bag is an invincible gear protector when the rain (or water, if you’re boating, kayaking, or snorkeling) strikes. Toss your stuff inside and fold the pack a couple of times. When shut and sealed, it’ll float along in the water. Hint: dry bags can do perfect camping fridges if attached to cold water. 

Last-minute gifts

If you’re a last-minute gift hunter or simply want to give out all the choices to your friend’s hands, gift cards are your way to go. Three options that camping enthusiasts won’t resist are:

29. REI gift cards

REI is certainly a dreamland for any outdoor enthusiast. Both electronic and printed, REI gift cards start at $10 and go up to $1000. Select from ample funny and Christmassy designs, and they’ll deliver it either by email (on your selected date) or by mail (10-13 business days).

30. Camping World gift cards

Camping World – as you might guess – has everything for your RV and camping needs. Also sold as physical or digital gift cards, Camping World gift cards come in three unique designs. The minimum amount is $10 and goes up to $250. 

31. Amazon gift cards

Amazon gift cards are as customizable as it gets. You can get a printed one by mail, put it in a gift box or an envelope designed as a Christmas tree decoration; you name it. Or you can go with an electronic version and personalize it with photos, videos, or colorings. 

Overall, it’s probably the most versatile gift coupon that’ll be the best camping gift for those who put practical things first, always.

Tools & gadgets

There’s a lot of cutting, trimming, tying, carving, clipping… well, you get it – plenty of work to do outdoors. Here are some go-to gadgets to rely on.

32. Leatherman Signal Multi Tool

leatherman multitool

Get yourself covered from any unexpected circumstances with this Signal multi-tool. It’s an ultimate 19-in-1 gadget that squeezes a knife, saw, hammer, bottle and can openers, fire starter, and more into a small 7.5-oz piece of equipment. A must-have for any real outdoor adventurer. 

33. Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife

swiss army pocket knife

Extremely compact to carry, the Swiss Army pocket knife is a necessary add-on to any survival kit. It features a durable stainless steel construction and suits all tasks in an outdoor survival situation. Very practical and elegant at once, this light-profile pocket knife will fit any backpack.

34. VEITORLD 12-in-1 Survival Kit

veitorld survival kit

Again – if you’re not sure which tool to give, just give them all. This 12-in-1 survival kit will put a smile on every man’s face. VEITORLD is equipped with everything from an emergency blanket to a flashlight to a saw. Gift peace and safety to your outdoorsy friend.

35. Tough-Grid 750lb Green Paracord

tough-grid cord

Cordage is one of the 5 C’s of Survival, so there is never too much cord and strings for an outdoor adventurer. Especially if it’s a Tough-Grid Green Paracord that’s surprisingly strong and versatile to get all the job done quickly – tie things down, pack for a hiking trip, upgrade a bug-out bag, whatever.

Learn more about paracord sizes.

36. EverSaw Folding Hand Saw

eversaw folding saw

One more great option is the EverSaw folding saw with an adjustable 8-inch carbon steel blade, ergonomic non-slip design, and safety lock. Perfect for camping, survival, or simply backyard tasks. 

37. Bushcraft Survival Ferro Rod Fire Starter Kit

bushcraft survival fire starter kit

Starting fires isn’t nearly as pleasant as enjoying them, but that can change. Gift this ferro rod fire starter kit that’ll throw sparks in an instant, no matter the weather. Waterproof wax-infused natural hemp tinder is already included in the package, so ignition after will also be a walk in the park.

You can read more about different campfire starters on our blog post.

For dog owners

Furry friends shouldn’t be forgotten, too. Whether it’s your beloved pet or a dog owner friend you’re looking a gift for, here’s something that will make the tail wag: 

38. POP ‘N GO Pet Tent

popngo pet tent

Let your dog do what it wants in its house – this pet tent has a strong fiberglass frame and can resist both extreme play and weather. Still, it’s lightweight enough to bring on any camping or hiking trip and comes with an easy-to-wash mattress and a mini window. 

Bonus tip

Of course, a tent is a fantastic gift not only for a pet but for a person, too. There are plenty of types of tents to get you inspired.

If you’re looking for something compact and lightweight for a solo camper or a couple, small 2-person tents are your go-to gift.

39. HIGO LEG Flashing Dog Collar

higo leg dog collar

Wherever you take your dog, you want it to be seen and safe. Get this water-resistant, 360-degree flashing dog collar with three different lighting modes, and don’t lose your pet out of sight, ever. By the way, it’s universally sized, and the tube can be cut, so it’ll definitely fit any dog’s neck.

40. Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed

chuckit dog bed

This travel-ready dog beg measures 30 x 39 inches and fits most dogs and use cases like camping, RV, or car. Easily washable, breathable, and durable, Chuckit! makes a perfect sleeping pad for your friend while on the go. 

More camping gift ideas

Haven’t found what you were looking for yet? No problem – these cool and useful camping accessories will surely make perfect camping gifts this year. 

41. YIDERBO Small Waterproof Car First-Aid Kit

yiderbo small first-aid kit

We believe you know the importance of carrying and knowing how to use a first-aid kit. Of course, we all do. But it doesn’t mean we live by it. Get your friend fully equipped to stay safe and sound in the wild by giving them this small waterproof first-aid kit

42. Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

sea to summit pocket shower

Help your friend stay clean and refreshed on their camping trips with this pocket shower. It’s super light, sturdy, has a 10-liter capacity, and heats in the sun within a few hours. While not on duty, it doubles as a stuff sack for clothes or a sleeping bag. 

If that sounds somewhat like a good idea, but the model hasn’t convinced you, find more options on our detailed portable camping shower review.

43. Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

iron flask water bottle

Just look at it. If not on the outdoor adventure, this Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle will definitely find its way into everyday use. It comes with double-wall insulation to keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. A fantastic way to stay hydrated in style.

44. TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

trailbudy trekking poles

These lightweight, collapsible trekking poles will either become a hiker’s best companion or make your non-walker friend love hiking. No way around. They’re adjustable in height and can double for kids, too. Padded straps and moisture-wicking cork handles will ensure a super comfy grip. 

45. Aqua Quest Defender Waterproof Tarp

aquaquest tarp

Whether you need to build a rain shelter or hide from the sun, a tarp is your go-to tool to rely on. And the more tarps, the better. This Aqua Quest defender tarp built from 100% waterproof nylon will give a sturdy, quiet cover in any weather conditions. 

46. Anker Solar Charger PowerPort

anker solar charger

Keeping devices on while in the wild, especially on longer trips, becomes challenging. Well, not with this solar charger. Anker features a fast-charging technology that can power up two devices at once. It’s super portable and weather-resistant – hang it on your backpack, tree, or tent, and forget about low batteries whatsoever.

47. Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

bushcraft 101

There’s no better survival expert than Dave Canterbury, and his Bushcraft 101 is simply a godsend for those who love getting outdoors. It’s a collection of best practices, experiences, and guidelines based on the 5C’s of Survival and nailed with 40+ years of Dave’s expertise reconnecting with nature.

48. TEAR-AID Fabric Repair Kit

tear-aid fabric repair kit

Things break and tear – and even the most expensive, top-quality tents, sleeping pads, or tarps sometimes can develop that one tiny hole that’ll help water drops and air get in. Keep your friend prepared with a Tear-Aid Fabric Repair Kit, suitable for bonding even the toughest materials like canvas. 

You can learn how to waterproof a tent here.

49. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

lifestraw water filter

We mentioned it once and will repeat again and again – hydration is everything. And for that, a camping water purification system is a must.

This LifeStraw water filter will ensure you’re not thirsty wherever you go, regardless of whether you carry a water bottle with you. Use it for drinking directly from the nearest water source, and it’ll get rid of bacteria, parasites, or microplastics.

50. Rainleaf Microfiber Camping Towel

rainleaf camping towel

​​​​Typical towels often take up lots of space and take hours to dry outdoors. And that’s a perfect reason to get your camper enthusiast a camping towel that’s fast-drying, extremely absorbent, and, most importantly, packs into an exceptionally compact piece of gear.

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