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At Campwagen, we combine our experiences, lessons and share tips & tricks in an easy-to-read and understand way. All to help you prepare and find the joy in camping from the very first trip.

But with the right gear and knowledge, it’s much easier to enjoy the trip. 

Coming back to the roots might sound scary and uncomfortable. Especially in dispersed places where you’re on your own – without comfort amenities & people to help you set up. 

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Founder & technical mind at Campwagen, Dom is an outdoor enthusiast with a sharp, down-to-earth perspective to all things dispersed camping. When away from the keyboard, you’ll find him catching all and any chance to escape into the wild.


As a longtime writer, Monika’s ever seen wilderness as a parallel to a fresh mind and inspiration. At Campwagen, she’s telling stories and compiling detailed product reviews to spread the experience-based word for the growing camping community.

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